Facebook’s Secret Feature That Can Turbo-Charge Your Content Shares

This spring, without much fanfare or celebration, Facebook launched a new feature directed at content publishers. This new feature would allow certain mobile users to quickly read and interact with content and rich media in mere seconds, leveraging the same technology it currently uses to display auto-play videos and similar features. But now there are hints that Facebook is revving up its engine even more to bring faster, on-demand content to everyone. Initially only available to a select few publishers and originally tested against a little over 12% of Facebook’s iPhone-using audience, the preliminary results of Instant Articles show a …

Tomorrow’s Internet Turns 20

“The newest key person at publishers,” says trade publication Digiday, is the “platform wrangler.” That is: “a strong voice representing their interests at a time when platforms are increasingly the way that audiences find their content and setting the rules for publishers to distribute and monetize their articles and videos.” If a large portion, or a majority, of a publication’s audience is going to be arriving through or on another company’s app or platform, someone probably ought to be paying close attention to those relationships. This makes sense! The nature of these relationships is currently, to my knowledge, varied but …

The return to focus: Publishers wake up to the limitations of growing too much too soon

In mid-September, The Weather Channel announced a pivot that, on paper, might sound a bit strange: It was going to focus on the weather. The channel, home to five-day forecasts and obsessive storm and blizzard coverage, had until last month adopted a decidedly more populist approach to programming. “American Super/Natural,” which debuted in 2013, chronicles weather-related myths and mysteries. In “Fat Guys in the Woods,” a survival expert teaches Average Joes how to survive in the wild. “Prospectors” follows a group of miners as they search for rare gems. By the middle of 2015, 47 percent of Weather Channel’s programming …

Content Marketing vs. Native Advertising

From a post on TRIBERR
Does it feel like there are too many buzzwords in the digital marketing space, and the terms “content marketing” and “native advertising” constantly seem to find their way into the conversation? Maybe, it’s just me. Regardless, both are essential to to businesses as part of their overall online marketing strategies. After all, content is king and advertising is still the best way to let millions of people know about your brand and products. However, both channels have different structures that need to be understood to get the maximum value out of your time and marketing dollars….content marketing vs native advertising