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New technologies and social media in the last two decades have fundamentally changed the way consumers think, behave and engage with brands. While traditional marketing models are still applicable, marketers …

5 Ways Influencer Marketing Trumps Traditional Advertising

In Marketing, Social Media|By Maria Sipka
Influencer marketing, deemed “the next big thing” by AdWeek, is hitting full stride in 2016. 75% of marketers currently use influencer marketing and 59% of marketing professionals plan to increase influencer budgets in the next 12 months, according to a study by Tomoson. We live in a world where word of mouth marketing holds much more purchase influence than traditional advertising. For example, fewer than 3% of Millennials trust TV news, magazines, and books, compared to 33% who rely mostly on blogs to guide their purchasing decisions. It’s no wonder global brands like Nestle, Walmart,….

News360 adds native ads to its free publisher analytics

In February, news discovery platform News360 launched its free NativeAI cloud-based audience analytics platform for app and web site publishers. Now, the company is launching a way to use the analytics for making money, by enabling the targeting of personalized native ads and sponsored content based on NativeAI’s tracking of more than a million unique interests among the publishers’ visitors. By contrast, CEO Roman Karachinsky told me, most other native ad platforms utilize a few hundred categories. News360 claims that its targeted ads can deliver average clickthrough rates as high as 4 percent, compared to a regular average of .15 …

Native ads: The new black (or green) for news publishers?

As display advertising rates drop and use of online ad blockers increases, many news publishers are turning to native advertising, particularly sponsored content, for revenue. In a new study, “The Rise of Native Ads in Digital News Publications” for the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at City University of New York, I looked at sponsored content through the lenses of 14 news organizations, including prominent national publications such as Forbes and The New York Times, local newspaper and broadcast companies, and smaller digital-native news start ups. While a major type of native advertising is in-feed promotions – typically seen on …

Advertising Beyond Adblockers

Adblockers have been around since 2006. They started as web browser plugins that blocked ads. Now ad blocking accounts for over 21.8 billion dollars of online advertising. Adblock continues to grow, with more than 180 million active users Just a quick reminder of what ad blocking is: it refers to the automatic removal of most forms of advertising on web pages (banner ads, text ads, sponsored links and stories, pre-roll video ads and more), therefore making the web less cluttered with ads, and eventually more enjoyable to surf. But one event that made ad blocking figure in the news headlines …