5 undeniable signs your competition is beating you online

Do your rivals have a superior website or rank better on Google? Contributor John Lincoln takes a look at 5 indicators that you may be falling behind your competitors online.

competition-business-bidding-race-ss-1920Competition is the essence of capitalism.

That’s great news for consumers. It means that companies will bend over backward to win their business. It’s not such great news for entrepreneurs, though. They have to stay vigilant to make sure they aren’t losing market share to peers in their industry.

You might be at a point where your competitors are doing a better job at reaching people in the digital world than you are. Fortunately, you can determine if that’s the case by looking for a few telltale signs.

Here are five indications that your competition is beating you online.

1. They have a better website

If you’re disappointed with lackluster sales, take a moment to have a look at your website. Does it look professional? Is it marketing your products or services effectively? Would you want to buy from that website?

But take the analysis a step further. Visit the websites of your competitors.

What are your competitors offering that you aren’t? Are their websites more user-friendly? Are they easier to navigate? Do they have a better color scheme?

Take a look at the product or service descriptions as well. It might be the case that your competitors are much better at marketing than you are.

Also, don’t forget to visit the websites of your competitors on a smartphone and tablet. You might find that their sites are far more responsive than yours. That is, they look much better on a mobile platform.

For example, does your site have clear tap targets like this so users can easily convert on mobile?

example-landing-pageThese things make all the difference and result in much higher conversion rates.

Finally, visit Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool and Mobile-Friendly test tool. Plug in the URL of your own website, as well as the URLs of your competitors’ websites. If you find that your competitors score better on either speed or mobile-friendliness, then follow the advice the tools offer about how you can improve your site.

In the Information Age, your website is your digital storefront. Make sure that it’s doing your brand a service.

2. Their pages are AMP-ready

Have you heard of accelerated mobile pages (AMP)? If not, then you could already be at a competitive disadvantage.

Why? Because Google absolutely, positively loves AMP. Our own site, Ignite Visibility, increased traffic by over 30 percent after implementing AMP.

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