Greg Swanson is the founder of itz.media, and a co-founder of Itzontarget.com.

Itzontarget.com offers Big Dog Tools at small business prices.

Itzontarget provides top of the line integrated marketing tools that strengthen your online presence, optimize your digital assets for search engines, manage your social networking and broaden your reach. Itz clients look to us to develop marketing plans, deliver product support, and provide go-to-market strategies.

In addition to his role at Itzontarget, Greg is a partner in OneBoat Guides, the platform that powers OBXGuides.com, Tahoe.com, EverythingVailValley.com, EverythingSummit.com, EverythingReno.com, and EverythingCarson.com.

Greg Swanson, entrepreneur and business owner, sales and management expert and opinion leader, has spent a lifelong career in media, having led his own companies, directed advertising sales at others, co-founded a travel guide company, helped launch an alternative newsweekly and designed interactive kiosks for museums and for IBM.

As CEO of ITZ Publishing Group Inc. Greg worked with media companies across the U.S. to cultivate cultural change, manage complex project introductions, execute marketing campaigns, create effective sales packages, coach managers and train their teams. Greg deployed innovative products and sales approaches designed to impact the success of local, community-based media and has consistently raised industry standards for selling digital advertising.

From 2009 to 2011, Greg was the Chief Revenue Strategist for Journalism Online, now called PressPlus, to design marketing and packaging strategies for online subscriptions, micro-payments and combined online/print subscription packages.

Prior to his newspaper career, Greg co-founded The Insiders’ Guides, which grew to be one of America’s largest domestic travel guidebook series. He was a founding staff member of the Independent Weekly in Durham, N.C.

He lives in Portland, Oregon, is married to Gillian Floren, and has two daughters, Kaola and Emma.

Specialties:Mobile. reputation management, social media, search and social search, internet advertising, sales training.


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